Ministries Give Faith for Edmond Housing

Ministries Give Faith for Edmond Housing

(Provided/ Kari Galliart).

Turning Point Ministries is an Equal Housing Opportunity that builds exclusively in Edmond, it was founded by Bob Turner, Dick Freeman and John Gruel in 2009 and continues to provide housing to those who qualify.

Turning Point Ministries was a product of many volunteers from Habitat for Humanity wanting to continue to help provide affordable housing for those in need but instead of being secluded to Oklahoma City, they wanted to bring this into Edmond. Five houses were built with the help of Habitat for Humanity and then Turning Point Ministries was created to serve modest income families in Edmond.

The first neighborhood that Turning Point built was Legacy Station, which has 12 homes and duplexes.

“Our newest neighborhood, Heritage Village, has 37 lots,” said President of Turning Point Ministries, Kari Galliart. “We have built eight homes in Heritage Village.”

According to Galliart, applicants for Turning Point homes must have a form of modest income and be willing to donate 200 hours of volunteer time towards the building of their home. To be eligible for a home, they must attend a home buyer education class, be able to qualify for a home loan, and have a particular need to live in Edmond.

“Our home owners are hard-working individuals or families who have a need to live in Edmond (works in Edmond; caregivers of Edmond residents, a child or children of the family having special needs being serviced in Edmond, client is already living in Edmond or has children in school in Edmond, family/support system lives in Edmond),” said Galliart.

In the past year Turning Point Ministries has been successful in building five homes for the applicants in Edmond. Two of the homes have been sold and two of the houses are under contract. There is still one house yet to be sold.

The funding for Turning Point is provided in several ways. The first is through donations from any builders in Edmond, service organizations, foundations, and any individuals or Edmond residents that feel the need to give.

The City of Edmond also provides support for Turning Point Ministries and the building of their homes. They have invested over $700,000 in grants to help offset Turning Point’s land development costs.

Turning Point also hosts a fun run called the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, held in downtown Edmond and a golf tournament that has been previously held at Kickingbird Golf Club to raise funds for themselves.

The University of Central Oklahoma volunteered with Turning Point Ministries in 2015 and still provides students with this option through Volunteer and Service Learning.

“Volunteer labor is used for painting, construction clean up, tile-work, setting cabinetry and trim work, and final clean up,” said Galliart. “Community volunteers can donate their hours to those working toward home ownership… Anyone interested in volunteering can complete the contact form on our website ( and we will contact you and get you started!”

Turning Point Ministries is excluded to Edmond and will continue to be according to Galliart. They plan on starting new homes soon.

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