Local Bilingual Election Coverage Only at UCO

Local Bilingual Election Coverage Only at UCO

UCentral anchors sit around the table during the first Super Tuesday broadcast of the Presidential Election of 2016. UCentral plans to cover the final election night, broadcasting in English and Spanish. Photo by Jessica Sanchez, The Vista. 

UCentral News, the University of Central Oklahoma’s newscast and media outlet, is organizing a four-hour election coverage on Nov. 8 from 6- 10 p.m.

The newscast will welcome political experts, representatives from political parties, guests, a UCO professor and a section with Spanish coverage. The newscast will be aired on Cox 125 for UCO students and the Edmond community.

The live coverage newscast is organized by students from the Mass Communication department; four classes are involved in assisting the event: Producing, Video News I and II, as well as TV participation.

Over 60 students are involved in the election coverage and will be able to have a hands-on experience.

“We can’t do it without the students. The students do most of the work on it. They are working hard. They all have their own role and their own content area they are working on… Not only they can take what they learned in class, but they can actually have their own creative ideas,” Desiree Hill, professor and UCentral advisor, said.

According to Hill, students from her producing class will be organizing the event, selecting what needs to be included in the election coverage, as well as producing and directing the show.

Students from the other classes will support and assist the election coverage, as they were given assignments in advance to help the content of the newscast.

Students learned how to produce a show. They learned about breaking news. They learned about election content. With the election coverage, they actually get to learn by doing it. They are constructing their own learning,” Hill said.

A constructionist approach to learning takes place when people learn about a topic and have the opportunity to make or do what they learned, Hill said.

The live newscast will also display information in Spanish as a way to facilitate the Hispanic community to understand some important topics in the government.

UCentral News will be the only broadcaster in the state of Oklahoma to display an election coverage with both languages, English and Spanish, according to Hill.

After placing calls to multiple Spanish speaking broadcast news stations in the metro area such as Telemundo, Visa Vision and Estella TV among other stations, they stated that they will display election results promptly, but won’t be covering it the results live.

“It’s very convenient to have [the newscast] in Spanish because there are a lot of Latinos out there that aren’t able to speak or understand English. So having it in Spanish gives them the ability to understand what’s going on,” said Ricarda Arroyo, producing student at UCO.

“[The Spanish portion of the newscast] will give Spanish-speaking students the opportunity to practice… It gives that student a special opportunity. Also, it gives our audience an opportunity. We know there are people that prefer to get their news information in Spanish, so for viewers in the Edmond area who may have that preference will get that opportunity,” Hill said.

The newscast will display updated election results, a look at social media from candidates and the communities, live reports from both the Oklahoman Democratic and Republican parties and background stories prepared on state questions and issues on the presidential campaign.

The coverage will also discuss an overall idea of what is happening in our society as it pertains to this year’s election.

For more information on the live coverage visit https://twitter.com/ucoelections. #RollVotes16

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