Heaven May Be Closer Than You Think: Local Store Supplies Board Games

Heaven May Be Closer Than You Think: Local Store Supplies Board Games

Local store, Storm Brew Games, carries almost any board game imaginable. The store is specifically designated for board games, and is located off 2nd and Kelly. (Provided/ Pixabay.com).

Board games have been a part of college life for decades and now there is a new store in Edmond specifically for them.

Storm Brew Games is a locally owned business that specializes in board games.

When people think of board games, they usually go back to their childhood and think about games like Monopoly and Sorry. Storm Brew Games dives much deeper into the board game world and many of the games they sell are geared towards an older age range, including college students.

The store was opened early this year by Storm Fisher, a young entrepreneur and board game enthusiast, and his business partner.

“I had a stable job. I had a career that I completely dropped to come start this up because it was something I enjoyed, something I was passionate about, as opposed to something I was going into day in and day out and doing monotonously,” Fisher said.

Before opening Storm Brew, Fisher was a general manager for a corporate pizza chain.

“There’s not really a difference between GM-ing and running a business and I didn’t realize that until after I started the business,” Fisher said.

The store hosts events for popular games  on a weekly basis. Some of the more elaborate games that the store sells and hosts events for are Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, and Magic the Gathering.

“Magic the Gathering is extremely popular. It’s probably the most well-known card game out there,” Fisher said. “It’s not even fair to compare it to other things.”

They also have some more casual games that are designed to be played with friends and family like Ticket to Ride, Smash Up and Betrayal at the House on the Hill.

Storm Brew also has an area in the back of the store where customers can sit down to play their own game or use one from the store’s “game library.”

The store is constantly working to bring something new to the table for gamers. Their latest endeavor is in the world of D&D.

“We’re working on a Dungeons and Dragons over-world. We’re going to have four or more Dungeon Masters with one shared world. It will have a centralized capital city and quests and people can split off with different DM’s, depending on which adventure they want to take for the day,” Fisher said. “Instead of people that you already know, you are literally meeting new people throughout this world.”

The store is open every day and is located off of Kelly and 2nd Street, making it the closest store of it’s kind to UCO.

To keep up with Storm Brew’s events you can check out their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/stormbrewgames/.

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