Heard on Hurd Heads ‘Back to School’

Heard on Hurd Heads ‘Back to School’

Heard on Hurd brings crowds from all over Edmond to shop, eaten, listen to local music, and spend time with their families. Heard on Hurd is hosted by the Citizens Bank of Edmond. (Photo provided by Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd.)

Citizens Bank of Edmond (CBE) will host the ‘Back to School’ themed Heard on Hurd at 5 p.m. on Aug. 20 which is expected to raise money for education by donating a portion of alcohol proceeds to the Edmond Public Schools Foundation.

For the last several years, CBE has hosted the well known festival Heard on Hurd in downtown Edmond beginning in spring and put on every third Saturday of the month through fall. 

There are multiple food trucks and various booths set up all along Hurd street, as well as live music for people to enjoy.

“The best thing about this event is to really see the community come together because there are a lot of events that happen downtown but Heard on Hurd is really special to Edmond,” Ann Chen, senior marketing officer and director of Heard on Hurd,  said.

Over time there have been different elements added to the festival, but this year the CBE has made a few changes that will be extremely beneficial to the community.

“We are featuring a nonprofit [organization] every single month, so that nonprofit gets promotion on all the press releases. We have also been donating fifteen percent of our alcohol proceeds to the Edmond Public Schools Foundation,” Chen said.

“We try to tie Heard on Hurd back to different themes just to kind of change it up a little bit,” Chen said.

There are only three Heard on Hurd festivals remaining in the season, and for students and parents, on Aug. 20 the event will be mainly focused on the start of the school year. 

“So the community is getting ready for back to school, so college students are coming back in, like Oklahoma Christian and UCO. All the public schools should have a presence there,” Chen said.

It is important to Chen and her team that this event portrays the relevance of the city and its impact on the community.  

“Ideally it’s just a way to bring awareness at the fact that this is Edmond, and Edmond is really big on education and schools, so naturally it’s part of the event. That’s what we try to do every month,” Chen said. 

Although Chen did this event last year, this function will have a bigger focus on the community’s education system. 

“I think we’re just looking forward to hosting that type of event where it has a community block party feel but with a really large community coming to it,” Chen said.

While she is excited for the event, Chen said Heard on Hurd is a little challenging to put together because of all the little details.

“There’s a lot of logistics involved with it. For example: We have 67 vendors to organize, and we want to make sure that Heard on Hurd is a fun, family-safe event,” Chen said.

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