Generation Why: Giving Lives a Reason Why

Generation Why: Giving Lives a Reason Why

Jordan Miller, founder of non-profit organization Generation Why, poses with other members of the organization. (Provided/ Jordan Miller)


Generation Why is a non-profit organization in Oklahoma that speaks to people who have suicidal thoughts, the group travels to the Mustang school district tomorrow to inspire students.

“Our goal is for everyone to understand that first and foremost, them being alive adds value to this world,” said Founder Jordan Miller. “Second, them knowing not just what or how they are going to change the world but why. Knowing why you’re going to change the world is what can give you the passion to fulfill the what and how.”

The organization starts their events by playing popular music to connect with all the students.

“It’s funny but most of us on the team have gotten mistaken for being students at the school assemblies,” said Miller. “We break the walls down with the attitude of, ‘I’m not here to talk at you and point out the things you’re doing wrong. However, I’m here to connect with you and empower to the things you could be doing through what your passion is.’”

Miller at one point struggled with depression himself, asking the question why.

“Personally I have dealt with suicidal thoughts and depression,” said Miller. “Tried to commit suicide when I was a freshman in college because I felt the pressure of life, and the direction I was trying to go. No one supported, so I felt my ‘why’ was compromised and turning to suicide was my only outlet at the time.”

He realized his why was greater than his doubts, so he began to pursue that, creating Generation Why in the process.

“We instill a since of worth in them from the beginning,” said Miller. “Once you give somebody their why, depression will start to come down and suicidal thoughts will come down.”

Generation Why will speak to the Mustang FCCLA about leadership and what students can do in their lives with leadership. The group will speak to Tahlequah students about their ‘why’ and the overall value of the kid’s lives.

“If I can understand what and why someone is going through what they’re going through then we can meet in the middle,” said Miller. “People don’t want to understand why people deal with suicidal thoughts or depression, it’s for that reason that we can’t have conversations. To some people it’s better left unspoken; out of sight and out of mind.”

By using the current identity of a younger generation, the group can reach out to students and help them to notice their purpose in life through music, speaking, and arts.

“A lot of people think it’s the coward’s way out and honestly, suicide is a hard topic to talk about,” said Miller. “But if we spoke to people with open minds and hearts then we can meet them where they are. Or people who don’t understand it because they’ve never been there, they need to have compassion for people who are dealing with situations like depression and suicide. There are tons of people dealing with it, you don’t have to be a loner or emotional kid to deal with depression. There are rich, popular, and athletic people who deal with this as well.”

Generation Why has reached out to people through their Facebook page and Instagram.

“The negative influences have ironically been leaders in certain times of my life that were supposed to be supportive. I’ve had negative situations happen in my life that probably added more to depression,” said Miller. “Which is ultimately why I felt called to start generation why. So, we can begin to have healthy, well-rounded leaders in the community and world.”

(Provided/ Jordan Miller). 

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