The School Within the School

The School Within the School

The University of Central Oklahoma’s Office of Student Engagement is starting a Freshman Leadership Academy to help freshmen learn leadership skills and get involved in the community.

“The program is built to equip participants with knowledge about their leadership skills, how to be an effective leader and team member, how to plan events and much more,” said Nicole Doherty, Student Engagement coordinator.

Over the spring semester, four meetings will discuss different areas of UCO as well as leadership, program and community development.  The two hour meetings take place on the last Friday of each month, starting on January 26.

“There are set topics that will be discussed in each meeting,” Doherty said.  “We plan on bringing in speakers, presenting useful information and bringing in current student leaders to lead activities and give advice.”

Meetings are designed to help students come to a better understanding of themselves as leaders, encourage involvement at UCO and teach them how to use these skills in the community and in the workplace.

Doherty said the end goal for the program is to have participants feel confident about getting involved on campus and in the community. The academy was created to replace the Freshman Activities Board, as a way to ease freshmen into student organizations and leadership roles on campus.

Applications closed on Jan. 12 and Doherty said about 25 students signed up.

“As the inaugural class, we hope the Freshman Leadership Academy can complete its goal of preparing students for involvement,” Doherty said.

Students that attend all four meetings will be invited to a graduation for the Freshman Leadership Academy Class I.

“For the future, we hope that students will join this class as an entry point for student involvement on campus,” Doherty said. “We hope that students that have gone through this class will be prepared for involvement and leadership in organizations of all kinds on campus and in the community.”

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