Fourth Annual Jason Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

Fourth Annual Jason Miller Memorial Golf Tournament

The Jason Miller Memorial Golf Tournament is held in honor of former UCO student, Jason Miller. The proceeds from the tournament are used for the Jason Miller Memorial Scholarship fund. (photo provided by Pixabay.)

The fourth annual Jason Miller Memorial Golf Tournament will take place Saturday, June 18 at 8 a.m. at the Coffee Creek Golf Course. Registration for the tournament is currently closed, but the tournament will occur next year as well.

Miller was one of the first graduates of the University of Central Oklahoma College of Business PGA Golf Management program, and he died suddenly in 2012.

To honor his memory, Miller’s sister Jennifer Koloen founded the golf tournament. Koloen and her husband both graduated from UCO as well; Koloen is currently the Tournament Coordinator.

Last year the tournament raised $1,600 from tournament fees and donations. Elizabeth Kennedy, Development Manager for the College of Business, said, “All proceeds (less the costs paid to the golf course) go to the Jason Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund, which provide scholarships for students majoring in PGA Golf Management at the UCO College of Business.”

Kennedy mentioned that this year the scholarship was awarded to just one student. However, in the future the scholarship could be awarded to more than one recipient, depending on how much money is available to award.

It costs $85 per person to play in the tournament, and the registration form has to be filled out before that tournament year’s registration deadline; this year’s deadline was June 3. The $85 entry fee covers the green fee, a cart, lunch, prizes and a drink ticket.

The entry form allows for up to three players per team, with each player filling out their own separate registration form. Those who choose not list team members will be placed on another team because of the way the tournament is set up—everyone is required to play in teams.

The tournament is set up like a regular golf tournament. However, they have a longer drive, are closer to the pin contests, and there is a raffle for prizes donated by local businesses. Along with the raffles, the winning team of the tournament will also receive prizes which will be announced at the tournament upon a win.

There is also a chance to win $10,000 in cash if someone scores a hole-in-one during the tournament.

“We do receive additional donations from individuals and corporations who give a donation in addition to the $85 tournament fee. All of those gifts go directly to the scholarship fund. Mulligans and raffle tickets are sold at the tournament as well, which provide more money raised directly for the scholarship fund,” Kennedy said.

This year there is an anticipation of 30 participants in the tournament. Kennedy mentioned that Lindsey Cook, Coordinator of Recruitment & Player Development for the PGA Golf Management Program, and Dane Williams, a current student and this year’s recipient of the scholarship, will also be attending to help with the tournament.

People from outside of the UCO community are also known to attend this tournament and donate. “There are people from outside the UCO community who participate in this event, including many of Jason’s friends,” said Kennedy.

According to the registration form, if you are unable to play but would like to make a donation, you can do that by filling out the registration form with your name, contact information and amount enclosed. Donation-only checks would be made payable to The UCO Foundation.

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