Edmond Ready for Harvest

Edmond Ready for Harvest

A patron of the Edmond Farmer’s Market, hosted at Mitch Park on Sept. 6, 2017, purchases fresh produce from one of the vendors. Several farmer’s markets take place around Edmond, providing the city with fresh and local food. (Mackensie Ferguson/ The Vista) 

The Edmond Farmer’s Market offers people the opportunity to purchase locally grown and manufactured products at prices comparable to grocery stores. Each Wednesday and Saturday, vendors come to have a more personal experience with customers.

“It’s a social environment,” said Diane Self, the Edmond parks and recreation manager. “You get to go out and see the same faces. You get to meet people; you build relationships with these people and you want to see them every week. It’s just a great place to go out and be seen and meet people.”

The Farmer’s Market runs from mid-April through the end of October, every Wednesday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Wednesday markets are at Mitch Park and the Saturday markets are held in downtown Edmond at 26 W 1st St.

“We are Oklahoma grown and Oklahoma manufactured now. It’s been our first year to be all OK,” remarked Self.

She explained that the Edmond Farmer’s Market recently transitioned from selling some resale produce from Texas to selling all Oklahoma grown and produced food.

Attendees can find kitchen staples, such as seasonal produce, eggs, milk and meat, but they can also find specialty products, such as barbeque sauce, salsa, pasta, pizza dough, jams, cheese and wine.

“We went from some of the bigger displays, where they weren’t necessarily growing, to some smaller vendors and smaller farms,” explained Self. “Those are the ones where they’re growing themselves and it’s really nice to meet the growers and learn their stories.”

One of these smaller vendors is Wayne Whitmore, owner of Whitmore Farms in Coyle, Oklahoma. Whitmore Farms has been selling at the Edmond Farmer’s Market for ten years, one of the longest running vendors at this market.

“Interacting with the consumer, that’s what I like best about it,” Whitmore revealed. “I have customers that have been customers for ten years.”

Selling at the farmer’s market allows vendors like Whitmore to develop personal relationships with their consumers. Through this interaction, customers can see where their food is coming from and find healthy, good quality products at prices that are comparable to prices at the grocery store.

For more information, visit the Edmond Farmer’s Market Facebook page or the City of Edmond’s website.

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