Edmond Art in Public Spaces

Edmond Art in Public Spaces


A statue of a woman and child on a bench i installed on the corner of Broadway and 1st in downtown Edmond, Okla. The City owns over 180 pieces of art including sculptures, statues, painting, murals, and portraits. (Ryan Naeve/ The Vista). 


The city of Edmond owns more than 180 art pieces that are located publicly. The two most concentrated areas of art are The University of Central Oklahoma and downtown Edmond.

Around 2004, the Edmond Art in Public Places program was created by Randel Shadid, former mayor of Edmond. Shadid´s objective was to increase Edmond tourism and make the city more attractive to businesses, as well as making the city more pleasant and enjoyable for locals.

Cinda Covel works for the city of Edmond as the Assistant City Clerk and the Art Liaison of Edmond. Covel is in charge of maintaining all of the art pieces that are located within the city limits.

Murals, paintings and portraits have increased citizens´ curiosity about the history and meaning of each art piece. Many have requested a tour that provides a good insight for each of the pieces.

Covel now organizes a monthly event called Edmond Art in Public Spaces Tour.


For this event, she partners up with the Edmond Parks and Recreation office to provide a very educational look at most of the public art that Edmond owns, thanks to the initiative and innovation of Randel Shadid eight years ago.

The van portion of the tour lasts for about three hours, and showcases at least 60 percent of all the art pieces located in public areas. A 30 minute walking tour is also included for the downtown Edmond area where there are 27 art pieces to look at.

The tour covers basic information about the artists of each piece, their donators, and a historical background and meaning.

The next scheduled tours for 2017 are for Oct. 5 and Oct. 26.

In order for these pieces to be set up in the public areas, it requires a partnership between the artist, the city of Edmond and an external donator. “The art shows the city of Edmond´s interests not only on local artists but also on improving people’s sidelines in Edmond which is tight to their quality of life,” said Jared Prince, the Recreation Program Coordinator.

“The arts program sets Edmond aside from other cities. We are inspiring and setting a standard for other cities by bringing art and culture to the life of the citizens of Edmond,” said Covel.

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