Clown Sightings Leave Citizens Unsettled

Clown Sightings Leave Citizens Unsettled

Clowns have become a scare across the nation recently, but it isn’t just children’s nightmares they’re haunting; it’s the cities of America. Clown sightings have been reported throughout the U.S. since late September. (Photo provided by Pixabay.)

During a month dedicated to the creepy and sinister, people are scared and confused at a recent outbreak of knife and machete wielding clowns who lurk in the shadows.

Over the last few months, there have been several sightings of these disturbing figures, and everyone is trying to determine the jokesters from the harmful.

Students at the University of Central Oklahoma have found these occurrences both frightening and fascinating, either fearing them or remaining indifferent.

“I’m a big fan of clowns. If I were to be completely honest, I don’t think it is as actually a big of a problem as it is being made out to be,” UCO sophomore Landon Hurlbut said.

Hurlbut said he thinks the people dressing as clowns are only attempting to draw attention to the world of weird.

“As far as I am concerned, these people are looking to create a scene by giving the world something as bizarre as sporadic clown sightings. In my opinion I think a group of people saw an opportunity to play the market on the corner of bizarre and interesting to get the outcome you see now,” Hurlbut said.

Various news outlets have provided seemingly endless coverage on the matter, and there have been reports of sightings on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some students have heard claims from others regarding clown sightings and are unsure of what to think of the issue.

I’ve heard from one of my friends that in one particular sighting, a clown was running around with a knife scaring people. Luckily, I haven’t seen any sightings myself. I think whatever reason people are going around doing this is ridiculous. I don’t know whether it’s for attention on social media, a clown fan club organizing a huge prank, or simply just for fun. It’s still ridiculous in my mind,” sophomore Dyllan Berry said.

Up until Oct. 5, victims of the clown sightings were never harmed, just frightened and a little unsettled.

However, it was reported by the ‘Tulsa World‘ that in Tulsa on Wednesday night, a man walking his dog was physically attack by a man dressed as a clown.

Although he suffered minor injuries, people are disturbed by this recent development and the way it has ruined the idea of clowns as funny figures.

“I hate that they are ruining the clown image because I love clowns. I think they should not prey on people’s fears,” UCO junior Darla Killhoffer said.  

The recent epidemic began with numerous reports from North Carolina, where people claimed clowns attempted to lure children into the woods with money and candy.

As Halloween approaches only time will tell how these clowns sightings will progress throughout the country.

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