Central Tech Store Offers Classes to Students

Central Tech Store Offers Classes to Students

Photo: Two Central Tech Store employees talk in the back of the store. The Central Tech Store has been offering classes and events concerning technological education this semester. Photo by Jessi Sanchez, The Vista.

The new Central Tech Store on the second floor of the Nigh University Center is holding classes and events educating students on certain aspects of technology.

According to Central Tech Store Manager David Krone, students have had the opportunity to learn about computers in the store since October. 

“We kind of choose a subject to go over in the month, and we… choose the Apple side of that subject, and we correlate that with the Windows side of that subject. So for the month of October, we wanted to just start with the basics,” Krone said.

Krone said the classes are for people who need to learn the overall foundation and basics of the technology they decide to use. 

“We had a Mac basics class and a Windows basics class. It kind of is just to go over just starting as if you’ve never used a Windows before or you’ve never used a Mac. So just kind of navigating through the software system,” Krone said. 

Krone said during first month of operation the Tech Store did not have a lot of attendance in their classes.

“We’re advertising it the best we can, but since it’s still so new, I think a lot of students don’t really know where it’s at yet, and so we’re kind of still working on getting that message out,” Krone said.

The store decided to have these classes as a way to demonstrate to students at the University of Central Oklahoma the types of services they could utilize.

“I think it just falls back onto that we’re actually a UCO entity, you know; we’re run by the UCO Information of Technology—kind of our number one goal is to be that student service,” Krone said.

This class is a way in which the store could educate students on devices they have to use frequently in a world of modern technology.

“This was kind of an idea on how we can be a better service for the students and get them more in touch with technology. It’s so important in today’s world, especially in today’s educational world,” Krone said.

In the coming weeks, Krone said the store is going to have more classes regarding Apple and Windows cell phones.  

“For this month we are actually going to dive more into the mobile, so we’ll have like the IOS [and] iPads … We’ve got a lot of basic trouble shooting in here, so we’re going to educate people on how to get through that basic troubleshooting,” Krone said.


In addition to these classes, the new Central Tech store has partnered up with various student organizations.

“We’ve always had great partnerships with different departments on campus and different offices, but one thing I have been excited about since opening up has been our partnership with student organizations,” Krone said.

The store has been in alliance with numerous student-run organizations, including the Student Programming Board and Student Freshmen Programming Board.

“We’ve also got some events planned where student organizations are going to be able to come into the store and use our displays to kind of host their events and have fun with that,” Krone said.

According to Central Tech Store student worker Halen Grounds, since the store’s opening the customer and profit flow have been relatively positive.

“We have seen high [customer] traffic, and sales have gone through the roof. Now we’re on track and keeping up with other big college stores,” Grounds said. 

According to Grounds, students have enjoyed the atmosphere of the store because it is larger and has more space for certain amenities.

“We’re more open, and we have those chairs at the front of the store. We hope it’ll be more like a hang-out rather than a place to walk in and buy a computer,” Grounds said.

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