Busiest Library in the Metropolitan Library System plans to Renovate

Busiest Library in the Metropolitan Library System plans to Renovate

An employee at the Edmond library organizes returned audiobooks. In the Fall, the Edmond library is set for renovations including it’s front desk area. Photo by David Terry, The Vista.

The Edmond Metropolitan Library will renovate their building starting late Fall 2016 where they plan to build more check-out stations, sorting machines and new doors to make the library more accessible and easier for customers.

According to Angel Suhrstedt, the Assistant Manager of the Metropolitan Library, one of the renovations will replace two check-out stations with a total of six check-out stations. Suhrstedt thinks that this should make it easier to return and acquire books without having people waiting in long lines, and that staff members should have more one-on-one interactions with customers.

“We are very excited. It’s going to be a great change for us. We are the busiest branch in our system, and have more book items circulation than any other library in the state, and we are in a small space. So it’s really great to see these changes happen,” Suhrstedt said.

The circulation area will also undergo renovations with the addition of an automatic sorting machine that quickly checks in books, automatically scanning and sorting them according to where the books belong.

“The goal is to make things easier, for not only our members, but also staff. We just want to make the process quick and as fluid as possible. We hope that it will really improve service,” Suhrstedt said.

Also, the books that people reserve online will be moved to the front of the library giving more space to the adult section and also new automatic front doors.

“Makes our job a little bit easier, and it will also improve the experience for our members, because they won’t have to wait so long to get their materials checked in. We have lots of people that come in and check out 30 items or bring back 30 items and want to check out 30 more right away. So that’s going to make a huge difference,” Suhrstedt said.

According to Suhrstedt, the Metropolitan Library will be closed for most of November, where renovations are set to start, and hopefully be concluded before the holidays in December.

A storefront library could also be put in place due to the library system partnering with Edmond city officials.

City voters approved the extension of the sales tax last April which proposed projects to expand library services and also the possibility of building another library.

Last year the city of Edmond added 17 parking spaces to the public library, which created more space for members and also more street parking spaces outside of the library.

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