Battle Descends on Edmond

Battle Descends on Edmond

Participants in a Dag battle attack each other during an event. Each weapon must be approved by the Daorhir rule book before use in a battle. (Provided/Cooper Waltz)

For those with weapons and armor at the ready, a battle is brewing in Edmond for any brave enough to joins this group of fighters.

Dagorhir‘s Alterra chapter is hosting a free event called First Blood in Hafer Park Jan. 27 at 12 p.m. for those interested in battling.

“The theme of our upcoming event [First Blood] is going to be focusing on getting our new people ready for event season,” said Mark Jones, Secretary for the Alterra chapter. “Some of them haven’t been playing very long, so we’re having a day event to show them what other events look like. There will be multiple battles during the event, and maybe even a tournament.” 

Dagorhir is an organization that hosts battle games for chapters and units that come together to fight in events. These sometimes last days with battles, appropriate garb, and weapons.

“Alterra is the geographical location of north Edmond to Norman. So everything that is in the city of Oklahoma City and it’s suburbs is Alterra for the Dag chapter,” said Ryan Jackson, current elected president for Alterra.

Jackson has been president of Alterra for eight years.

The House Blackwood unit is a part of the Alterra chapter which has been active for 11 years.

Dagorhit has chapters and units scattered throughout the U.S. The Alterra chapter travels to many other chapters un order to battle them.

“This is one of the cheapest hobbies I’ve ever been in, and it’s easily the most fun. All that’s required to participate at an event is garb, and all you need to fight is a single weapon,” Jones said.

In the battles, the chapter or unit will fight against others using weapons that meet rule book qualifications. It differs per event who will fight who.

A list of the weapons that are approved, as well as the rule book, can be found on the Dagorhir website. 

Garb is worn and often required at most events, battles and feasts. First Blood does not require garb, but Jackson said it is preferred for since there will be a photographer at the event.

“Garb can range. You can have really fancy garb or you can literally just wear scrubs with the tag torn off and most of the time we will pass you,” said Jenna Demastus, active member of Alterra.

Demastus explained garb as period dress with plain colors. No emblems, symbols or neon colors are allowed.

“As a member of the House Blackwood we normally have a tabard, which is an open sided garment that you can put over your armor,” Cooper Waltz, Vice President and Coordinator, said. “Armor is important because it has to be visible.”

Most events have a theme, some participants will tailor their garb and weapons to match the theme.

“Dagorhir is a form of LARPing. However, where some LARPing they just go and pretend to do things we are actually out there sword fighting, dressed up in garb, playing our characters to their full extent,” Demastus said.

In this organization everyone typically has what are called “Dag names” that they use during the battles. This allows the participants to take on a different persona for the battle. For instance, Jones becomes a mute names Don’Droll, and will not speak at all during the event, according to Jackson.

“It’s my family at this point. House Blackwood is a very tight knit social group. I have these people that I take care of and take care of me and I couldn’t go a day without at this point,” Jackson said.

All of Alterra’s events are free, but donations are accepted.

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