Input Needed on Edmond Traffic Hotspots

Input Needed on Edmond Traffic Hotspots

Drivers wait at the intersection of 33rd and Broadway in Edmond, Okla. on Jan. 18, 2017. The intersection is one traffic project the City of Edmond completed in 2016. (Jessica Smith/ The Vista). 

The City of Edmond is asking residents for input on the areas where they experience the worst traffic. They have put up an interactive map on their website where you can place a pin on the top three worst traffic areas.

The map will be up until Monday, Jan. 23. It takes about two minutes to complete. No other information is needed to do the survey, and answers will remain anonymous.

Once the survey is finished, the results will be available to the public. The Department of Transportation for Edmond will use this data to help decide which areas they will prioritize working on next.

“We know from citizen feedback that traffic is their number one concern,” said City Manager Larry Stevens. “Capturing this specific, location-based information is vital for assisting our continued efforts to improve traffic flow.”

If Edmond traffic is an issue for you, the City of Edmond and UCO have partnered together to offer student Broncholink, a free bus service that goes to nearby apartment complexes and circles the campus every thirty minutes. You can also help ease traffic congestion by finding people to carpool with at

Results from the City’s 2015 traffic map survey can be viewed on their website. The number one traffic hot spot was 33rd Street and Broadway Extension, followed by Covell Road and Santa Fe Avenue, and then 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue.

Last year, construction on the intersection of 33rd Street and Broadway Extension was completed. They created dual southbound and westbound left turn lanes, as well as single eastbound, westbound and southbound right turn lanes.

Future traffic projects include Danforth Road and Fretz Avenue, 15th Street and Broadway Extension, 33rd Street and Coltrane Road, 2nd Street and Bryant Avenue, and Danforth Road and Kelly Avenue, according to their website. At this time, there are no anticipated start dates for these projects.

Every year, the city does Traffic Volume Counts, where they place a counting devices at various locations throughout Edmond that record the volume, speed, and type of vehicles traveling that area. Volume counts from 2014 are available to the public.

The city is also working on developing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Edmond. This includes devices and computer systems that will help to improve traffic flow during particularly busy times.

The information collected from the ITS will be sent to the Traffic Management Center, where the situations will be evaluated. If changes can be made to route traffic away from construction or an accident, that information will be sent from the TMS to the ITS.

Another ongoing project that the city is working on is the Annual Overlay Project, which is to resurface all roads throughout the city. Lane closures can be expected as they work on certain streets this year.

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