Local Clinical Services Offer Solutions to Low-Income Groups

Local Clinical Services Offer Solutions to Low-Income Groups

Clinical services are offered for those in Oklahoma City with lower incomes at prices that are more affordable than typical health care. The services range from immunizations to birth control. (Provided/ Pixabay.com). 

The Oklahoma City County Health Department is offering clinical services at affordable prices to those with lower incomes in various communities.

These clinical services include immunizations, family planning services, sexual health services and pregnancy testing.

The OCCHD has many payment options including out of pocket, private payment and other insurance policies. If a patient comes in who is unable to pay, they will not be denied treatment. The clinic will set up billing options that fit within their financial means.

For immunizations, the OCCHD has options ranging from overseas travel immunizations to back-to-school vaccinations.

If a child comes in who is 18 years or younger, they may qualify to get the vaccine for free. Those 19 years or older maybe able to receive grant immunizations. Supplies are limited and may not always be available.

Most immunizations appointments are walk-in only, though overseas shots require an appointment.

Family planning services are available for anyone wanting pregnancy prevention options or for those wanting to have children later in life. There are nurse practitioners at each clinic who will be available to provide patients with options such as IUDs, NuvaRings and birth control pills.

Some of these services require an appointment, but most are available for walk-ins. Emergency contraception is also available within three days of conception and no appointment is needed.

Sexual health services are same-day appointments and provide a $20 test for sexually transmitted diseases, which covers all services. They test all STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis and trichomoniasis.

If a test comes back positive for any of these diseases, patients will be treated in the clinic for no additional cost. Even if results must be sent away for further testing, there will be no additional cost.

Though all locations offer similar services, the Gary Cox Partner building located on the NE Wellness campus is Oklahoma’s first integrated health clinic and is considered a “one-stop shop” for those seeking clinical care.

The clinic provides community health workers as patient navigators to help patients find resources and services to fulfill their needs.

In addition to the services mentioned above, patients will be guided through options such as free Total Wellness classes, enrolling in state insurance and, if they are in need, receiving a box from the Oklahoma Food Bank upon departure from the clinic.

There are three locations offering all the above options for those seeking medical attention.

The OCCHD West Clinic is located at 4330 NW 10th St. in Oklahoma City. To schedule an appointment or check for available services call 405-419-4150.

The OCCHD Gary Cox Partner building is located on the Northeast Regional Health and Wellness campus at 2700 NE 63rd St. in Oklahoma City. To schedule an appointment or check for available services call 405-419-4200.

The OCCHD South Regional Clinic is located at 2149 SW 59th St., Suite #104 in Oklahoma City. To schedule an appointment or check for available services call 405-419-4119.

The OCCHD Tuberculosis Control Center is located at 400 NE 50th St. and provides skin testing for school and work for a fee of $20. For more information call 405-419-400.

All clinics are open Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Fridays 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.



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