Virtual Reality Arcade to Open in Oklahoma City

Virtual Reality Arcade to Open in Oklahoma City

Residents in the OKC-area soon will have the opportunity to experience virtual reality gaming at a new store in Penn Square Mall.

(Photo of a gamer using a virtual reality headset via Pixabay)

The future of virtual reality is about to become the present in Oklahoma City when the state’s only virtual reality arcade debuts this weekend in Penn Square Mall, according to The Oklahoman.

Upward VR, owned by Will Stackable and Brad Scoggin, will make a second-floor space in the mall’s north wing (which has been occupied temporarily by the Apple Store) its permanent home by Dec. 1.

Meanwhile, the owners plan to get the gaming going with a kiosk space until the larger space is ready.

There’s lots of gaming options players who dare to don the goggled helmets can indulge in, such as fighting off hordes of zombies, or defending a castle, or racing cars.

There also are programs participants can choose that put them on top of tall buildings, touring outer space, painting in three dimensions, designing a miniature house and then expanding it to where the person can see the inside of the home from the vantage point of a mouse, or allowing someone in a wheelchair to visit and tour Stonehenge.

Basically, the message Stackable relates is that potential uses for the technology are as unlimited as its ability to transport you into another world.

A racing simulator Upward VR is working on right now makes for a good example, Stackable said.

“The headset is really what sells it. When you are wearing it, and you are looking around, you are seeing what is going on within the matrix — the virtual reality world — around you.

“But then, you have got a force feedback wheel and a seat that vibrates and so the combination of that haptic feedback with those visuals … there’s something called presence, where there is enough sensory input your brain just flips over, and it happens so quickly.

“For a lot of people, it is the moment they put the headset on. Your brain tells you this is real.”

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