Vaping Is A New Trend to Heart Disease

Vaping Is A New Trend to Heart Disease

Despite being touted as a healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes, evidence suggests vaping still could lead to problems like heart disease.

Vaping, typically referred to as an alternative to smoking. However, studies show that it could lead to heart disease. (Provided/ 

In spite of the trend toward vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking, new research suggests that it may actually lead to heart disease.

Vaping has been a growing trend in recent years because it is widely believed to be the best alternative to smoking cigarettes, however, a recent study looks into the risks involved.

A study done by Yale, LiveScience, JAMAnetwork and BMJ journals showed that people who prefer vaping are susceptible to heart disease due to the increased nicotine levels and chemicals that are in the liquid.

At UCO, e-cigarettes are not allowed on campus.

“Vaping is meant for those who are trying to quit smoking, but are now considered dangerous. It’s just surprising,” UCO student Erin Jordon, who has friends who vape, said.

The new trend in the alternative e-cigarettes or vaping is that there is less nicotine than cigarettes and the flavor is preferred to the public. This is recommended for those who are trying the alternatives from smoking cigarettes rather than starting on it according to

Vaping would not be as lethal if a new method to the popular trend was not introduced as dripping. Originally, the e-cigarrette would heat the juice and cause the vapor to appear naturally at a push of a button by the hot coils. The new method takes the liquid and directly places it on the hot coils producing the effect of more vapor within the e-cigarette and adding more nicotine per push of the button.

“I had no idea vaping was that bad, but I did have my suspicion about how truly dangerous this trend is being,” UCO student Jennifer Phillips said, who faces vapors defending their cause in public restaurants or parks.

According to, “Dripping exposes vapers to higher levels of nicotine and toxic chemicals, say researchers who warn of impacts ranging from cancer to brain damage”

Results of this causes more nicotine to enter the body than two cigarettes because of the amount of smoke and disguise of the actual number of chemicals that are in the nicotine liquid for vaping. The process causes irregular heartbeats and shown symptoms of a heart attack or heart disease.

The rising number of vapers have risen from 700,000 to 2.1 million as of 2014.

As written by the Korea Times, it is heavily recommended that vaping is a counter solution to cigarettes if it applied to former smokers instead of new consumers in the world of smoking.

This recent development entailed the research based on more than 347 12th grade students in high school in which they were tested a year later. The research concluded that students who vaped were four times likely to start smoking cigarettes because they consider it the same effect as vaping.

The danger goes beyond the idea that vaping being exposed to young adults is a gateway to cigarettes because they would ignore the dangers of tobacco smoking due to the flavor difference.

The business of vaping is projected to make $50 billion by 2025 due to its rising popularity.

If the vaping trend continues, it is estimated that some would turn to smoking before considering the dangerous options or that vaping would be too mellow for some and turn to make it stronger by indirectly endangering themselves through several actions of liquid pumps. With these liquid pumps, more nicotine would be present to the user and that effects all ages.

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