Starbase Studios

Starbase Studios

In this Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016 photo, Bud Fisher, left, and his wife Kathy Fisher, center, of Enfield, Conn., dressed in “Star Trek” costumes take a guided tour of the replica Starship Enterprise with tour guide Marybeth Ritkouski, right, of Pepperell, Mass., during the Trekonderoga festival in Ticonderoga, N.Y. (AP Photo/Hans Pennink)

Many Oklahomans may not be aware of the hidden gem available to them in Oklahoma City, where they can film their own “Star Trek” fan films. Starbase Studios is located in a warehouse where is it home to multiple replica sets of starships from the TV show “Star Trek.”

The location houses a transporter room, sick bay, and the bridge, which is set up to look like it could be from any starship with the right props.

Scott Johnson and Richard Wells have been co-owners of Starbase Studios for about two years.

Wells said that in 2002, Johnson and his crew went to Texas to get pieces of another ship and brought it back for a series called “Ajax.” After a little while, he said they realized they needed to split in two so they could work on more than that one project at a time. Part of the crew stayed with “Ajax,” while the other started a new studio and Starbase Studios was born.

Wells started with Johnson’s crew when he saw an ad on Craigslist looking for volunteers. Now, about 14 years later, he is running the show.

Several projects have already been filmed in the studio. Recently, a film emerged from the studio called “Starship Valiant” and it made it’s way to Soonercon.

“Our biggest dream is to have a building with air-conditioning and restrooms,” Wells said. Currently, if someone needs to use the restroom they have to go to the Sonic across the street.

Wells also said that they also want to build more sets. They are currently working on building the briefing room as well as part of engineering, and once that is accomplished they will be completely out of room in the space they are in now.

When commenting on his love of Star Trek, Wells said he is not strictly a Trekkie- the term for “Star Trek” fans. He said he also wants to build sets from other shows like “Dr. Who” for filmmakers to come and use as well.

Wells has directed “Starship Grissom,” which was developed for public school teachers to use as a tool in their middle school class rooms.  He said he was roped into it, but that all together it had been a great experience.

The actress in “Starship Grissom,” Keely Sanchez, said that Wells displayed unique directing qualities.

“I have learned a huge deal; a lot of what I have learned helps me get other shows prepared. I can tell them what I did wrong so they don’t repeat my mistakes,” Wells said.

Anyone wishing to film their own Star Trek fan film can contact Richard Wells or Scott Johnson on the Starbase Studios Facebook page.

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