Charles Lamb the Shepherd of Edmond

Charles Lamb the Shepherd of Edmond

(Provided/ City of Edmond PIO)

Edmond Mayor Charles Lamb was re-elected to his third term in office on April 4.  Lamb has been the mayor of Edmond for the past six years.

He is fulfilling the project of Tomorrow’s Edmond, which is a project to help develop Edmond.

“It’s a vision of what we want this community to be,” said Lamb.

The project includes the completion of a hotel and conference center that is projected to have its soft opening Nov. 22, and its dedication opening Dec. 16.

Lamb attended UCO when it was called Central State College. Lamb graduated from UCO in 1971 with a Bachelor of Arts. Nine years later he received his masters in Urban Affairs.

While at UCO Lamb joined the ACACIA Fraternity and the National Guard. He took a year off from school when he went to basic training, and served 6 years in the Guard.

Before his career in politics, Lamb was a housing consultant who provided services for elderly housing projects for 17 years.  He spent more than 11 years with the Department of Housing and Urban Development in the Federal Housing Administration subdivision.

Lamb served his first term on Edmond’s City Council in 1993, after winning his first election.

“I thought I could bring my history, my knowledge of land use issues into the discussion and be part of the team and help the process,” said Lamb.

Lamb lost his 1989 political campaign for the Edmond City Council. He later lost his seat in the 1995 election, but regained it in 1997.

“I did a poor job articulating that in ’89,” said Lamb.

He was named mayor pro tem in May 2005.  Lamb held this role until October 2011, when Douglass was appointed to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission by the governor, leaving a vacancy for mayor. Then, the council elected Lamb the new mayor of Edmond and was sworn in on Nov. 14, 2011.

“It was a unique thing,” said Lamb.

Two years later, Lamb ran for mayor and won the race to begin his second term in 2013.

Lamb wanted to become mayor so he could be able to see things that he has touched come to life. The Urban Forestry Commission, a commission to help plant trees in Edmond, has been one of those things. He was a member and former chairman on the commission from 1999-2006.

“It has continued to grow and expand,” said Lamb.

During Lamb’s career, he has been honored with many awards and accolades. These include being inducted into three different halls of fame in Edmond and having the Charles D. Lamb OMPA power plant located near Ponca City, dedicated in his name.

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