A Room Full of Strangers Finding One Thing in Common — Love

A Room Full of Strangers Finding One Thing in Common — Love

An interactive art piece in Oklahoma City recently brought community members together in the name of love.

Albert Rios pulls a name from the hat during the YesLove event hosted on Saturday, Feb. 4, 2017 in Oklahoma City. The idea of the event was for strangers to pose together for photographs and come closer through the idea of accepting each other in the moment. (Cara Johnson/The Vista).

YesLove was an interactive art piece that brought a room full of strangers together to make art and choose love over hate. Each person put their name in a hat and then two names at a time were drawn to take a professional picture together showing love not hate.

“Look at everyone in there. They are smiling. They are happy. They are in a really good mood and none of us know each other…We need this kind of positivity. We need to say yes to love and no to hate,” Sarah Zody, a participant in the event, said.

The interactive art piece was on exhibit Saturday, Feb. 4 at Dunlap Codding in Oklahoma City.

To get one another to interact and become more comfortable, they held an ice breaker selfie challenge. Each person had to find other people in the room that fit certain descriptions such as: someone with freckles, someone wearing glasses, someone with an unnatural hair color, etc.

Love gives strength to the disheartened, to the disenfranchised. It allows us to put ourselves in others shoes and shows us that there isn’t much to divide us other than politics, participant Chase Cecil said.

They will also be auctioning off the art piece used for the background, made by Tulsa artist Alexander Tamahn, who said, “May the work of your hands and the substance of every cause you champion, be rooted in love.”

Founder of the event Jessica Montgomery said, “We don’t want YesLove to end here. We believe this is a starting point and hope to eventually make this a national event.

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