Why Hillary is our best option

Why Hillary is our best option

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America is in the midst of the presidential primary season, and the race between the two democratic candidates is heating up. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is once again fighting for her parties’ nomination, and she’s getting a run for her money from a self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders has gained a substantial following with his vocal views on campaign finance reform, wall street, and healthcare.

Senator Sanders’ unapologetic opinions speaks to a generation of Americans as frustrated with government as Donald Trump’s bigoted supporters. He talks with passionate distaste for the wealthiest one-percent population and says he’s the best candidate to turn America around, but is he really?

I find it amusing that Sander’s healthcare reform proposal comes directly from Hillary Clinton. Clinton outlined universal healthcare and exactly how it could be paid for in the 1980’s, when she was first lady. The plan was never accepted in much the same way Clinton’s assertive attitude for a first lady was never accepted. Sanders would like the youth of America to believe that a simple tax-hike would reduce everyone’s healthcare bills by $5000. If this was the case, I’m sure it would have been already done.

Our country, our world, our economy, and our healthcare system is complex and different than it was in even the 1980’s. Sanders should realize our government doesn’t work as simple as he’s proclaiming, and should take his own advice when he flippantly said to Mrs. Clinton, “You’re not in the White House yet Madam Secretary.”

I also find it sad that more millennial women support Sanders over Clinton. The fact that we still don’t have one woman president says a lot about our society. It’s the same misogynistic culture that supports a man like Trump, who publicly berates women. It’s the same culture that blames a girl for drinking too much or going out with the wrong guy, when she gets raped.

As a woman, Clinton would be able to speak for women’s rights and the disenfranchised black community. A white man from Vermont can never relate to the very real socioeconomic disadvantages our society places on minorities, and women are a part of this minority. If we were not, we would have equal pay for the same work a man does, and we would have paid-family leave. What kind of a cruel joke is being played, when a woman’s biological nature to bear children is used against her in the working world?

It’s the same world that thinks it’s okay to bash Hillary Clinton for campaign contributions every other candidate before her took. Bravo to Senator Sanders for not taking any Political Action Committee money, but his campaign has raised close to ten million dollars. Clinton has raised nearly the exact same amount, and just because some came from JP Morgan doesn’t mean she’s in their pocket. It means JP Morgan may have an interest in keeping someone like Sanders, who wants to tear down Wall Street, out of office. Wall Street is yet another way Sanders should be realistic. No one on the democratic side thinks the big banks don’t need to be reformed, but as fragile as world markets have been, a full-fledged dismantling may not be wise.

When it comes down to it, democrats need someone who can win against the propaganda Trump constantly spews out. Could a radical like Sanders win against another radical like Trump? It won’t give moderates, who most Americans identify with, much of a choice. Poor choices is what makes poor voter turn-out, which could lead to a guy like Trump being elected.

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