The Mediocrity of Election 2016

The Mediocrity of Election 2016

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The presidential election has always been an important process in America since the first president was elected. Every four years when the time comes for a new ‘Leader of the Free Will’ to be elected, people all over the country turn their eyes to those who attempt to fill the position.

As time has progressed and the world becomes more modern, running for president is becoming more and more competitive. In the past the presidents were sworn in when the country was in need of a leader, but for the most part every president that has been elected in the last five decades was chosen by the people.

Of course there has always been an issue with slander of candidates. Whether it’s been by opinionated members of the media or other candidates. This technique is used to either to discredit or to ruin the reputation of a candidate.


These slanderous comments might make the election more entertaining; however, when it comes down to it, the issues have always been the main focus of the presidential race.

When the public is given a limited amount of choices for their country’s leader, it can be difficult to know who is the best option. Most voters try to decide who would be the best person to address and solve America’s issues.

However, in the 2016 election it would appear that most voters are just going to chose the least controversial candidate. This entire election has been more about the entertainment side of politics, rather than the important issues people need to focus on.

It hasn’t been just from one political side either. There have been candidates from both parties that have talked more about what their opponent is or isn’t doing, while also trying to discredit them. Some examples of this include email scandals, Twitter wars, or derogatory comments made about a candidate’s spouse. This election has been a filled bucket of insults and smear campaigns.


There have been countless debates and city halls in which candidates have interrupted or attempted to humiliate one another and mediators are left to frantically get things back on track. While at first the public saw these tactics has humorous and unrealistic, their opinions are starting to make a change.

All the candidates in this election have big personalities, and those big personalities can lead to a diverse selection opinions on issues. When you have people like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, of course there will be conflict and controversy. Trump is a realty TV star so people expect him to have a big personality and say outrageous things. Although Clinton is not the same as Trump, people still expect scandal with her because of passed incidents, such as the email scandal. 

Although this can make for good television or a good article, when it comes down to it, eventually people need to start taking things more seriously.

This election has reached a state of panic as people desperately try to decide who should win the primaries. It has become more about voting for the person that isn’t going to be too controversial or too unpredictable, rather than about choosing the best person for the job.

However, as the election continues, it will be interesting to see how the candidates alter their strategies to focus more on the issues rather than the entertainment of politics. 

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