Super Tuesday: Behind the Scenes

The students working on the UCO Super Tuesday election coverage may have made the broadcast look easy.

However, there was hard work that went into making this project something we are all proud of.


From the day the Covering the Presidential Election class began, the students, under Professor Desiree Hill’s guidance, had been planning every detail for the election coverage. IMG_0482


IMG_0486On day one, the students were separated into groups of three and assigned a candidate to follow for the whole semester.  They had to become an expert on their candidate.


The curriculum required that all groups submit stories for the broadcast that would air on March 1.  The groups had to have a plan and a strategy for what they would bring to the table in their stories.


The class was also broken up into teams that would specifically work on different parts of the broadcast: Social Media, Production, Producing, and Guest.

IMG_0490    The class met several times to work on their different jobs. While the anchors got practice ad-libbing, the crew was getting the hang of audio, directing and producing, running prompter, and working cameras.                                                IMG_0500



Graphics had to be created and scripts were written.  The stories had to be selected and placed in the line up for the broadcast.  The producers and director had to come up with some sort of order to follow.



Other people were able to participate in the coverage as well.  A Video News I class and a Media Management class got in on the action.  Even UCO’s own UCentral staff was able to participate.



When the day of the broadcast arrived, the news room was a beehive of activity.  The producers were typing away while the anchors went over content and made sure wardrobe was professional.

Cameras were being checked out and sent off with teams to political party headquarters.  Special guests arrived to talk about the Super Tuesday results.




Finally, it was about time to go live.  All crew stationed themselves in their designated places and the anchors were provided microphones and iPads.


Then everyone heard: “We go live in 5…4…3…2…1″

And the intro music played.


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