Sanders Not Fully Stepping Down

Sanders Not Fully Stepping Down


Photo: Gage Skidmore, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders

Senator Bernie Sanders appeared supportive of Donald Trump’s negative stance on trade deals in an opinion-editorial letter published in the New York Times on June 29. The Associated Press reported that Sanders wrote: “[T]he global economy is not working for the majority of people in our country and the world.”

Trump openly criticizes the North American Free Trade Agreement as a “bad deal,” and he wants to withdraw the U.S. from it and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce argued on twitter that free trade and globalization are good for American workers.

Trump took no time in defending his position, tweeting that he didn’t know why the Chamber is mad. This is because he’s not against trade, only bad trade deals.

The AP reported that Sanders has not fully withdrawn his presidential bid, but only said he’d vote for Hillary Clinton.

The New York Times letter also said Trump “could benefit from the same forces” that withdrew Great Britain from the European Union. Sanders also wrote that American and EU voters are “understandably angry” about what’s driving global markets.

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