Race to the White House: Money Talks

Race to the White House: Money Talks


Photo: Redsilver, Donald Trump, calling to ban Muslims in the U.S.

Now that Democrats and Republicans both have presumptive nominees, something other than political views are different between Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s campaigns.

The Associated Press  reported on the two candidates’ campaign finances, and the money may not be “pouring in” for Trump like he’s claimed. Clinton, on the other hand, has over double the amount of Trump’s campaign with $42 million in the bank at the start of June, according to Julie Bykowicz and Chad Day of the Associated Press.

Trump is the last man standing in what was a contentious presidential primary for the GOP, but he is struggling to gain support, including financial support, within the party. The Republican National Committee is backing him and Trump said Chairman Reince Priebus “has been terrific” on NBC’s Today Show. Trump also said he’s, “having more difficulty with some people in the party than I have with Democrats,” according to Bykowicz and Day.

Clinton has received more support from Democrats and the super-Political Action Committees  linked to the party. Her campaign managed to bank $26 million in May and helped raise additional funds for the Democratic National Committee, according to the AP. Furthermore, the AP reported that she spent $14 million of her own funds in the fight against Sen. Bernie Sanders in May. A super PAC with noted billionaire Donald Sussman also helped the presidential campaign with $12 million.

The released campaign finance reports the AP talked about show a political action committee backing Trump, too. Great America PAC raised the most it’s ever seen by netting $1.4 million in May. One of its top donors gave $25,000, according to AP.

Trump told Fox News Channel “Fox and Friends” that “I can just go my own route,” in reference to his lack of GOP support. The businessman funded most of his own primary election by contributing $42 million, but has talked to the media about how it would be nice to get help from the GOP now that he’s gearing up for the general election, according to the AP.


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