Poll Update 2-24-16

Poll Update 2-24-16


Photo: Jim Beckwith, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Youtube

Super Tuesday is rapidly approaching. With all of the primaries and caucuses happening around the country, it can be hard to keep up with how candidates rank in the polls.

Here are the latest updates:

Trump- 33.6%
Cruz- 20.4%
Rubio- 16.4%
Kasich- 9.8%
Carson- 7.4%

For Democrats:

Clinton- 47.6%
Sanders- 42.0%

National polling for Republicans:

Trump- 34.8%
Cruz- 19.4%
Rubio- 15.8%
Kasich- 7.8%
Carson- 7.8%

National polling for Democrats:

Clinton- 49.2%
Sanders- 39.4%

Stay current on polls and check back with UCentral daily for updates.


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