Poll Update: 04-22-2016

Poll Update: 04-22-2016

Photo: Bald Eagle, Pixabay

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump won the New York primaries for their parties.  Clinton now has 1,443 delegates of the 2,026 needed to win the Democratic nomination.  Trump has won 846 delegates of the 1,237 he needs to be the Republican nominee.

According to fivethirtyeight, the national polls indicate Clinton and Trump.

On the Democratic side, Clinton has 49.5% and Bernie Sanders has 41.6%.

On the Republican side, Trump is at 42.3%, Ted Cruz has 29%, and John Kasich has 18.9%.

Tuesday, the 26, three different primaries will take place for both parties.

In Pennsylvania, Clinton is projected to win with 97% and Sanders has 3%.  Trump is said to win with 87% while Cruz has 8% and Kasich has 5%

In Maryland, Clinton has 99% with Sanders trailing at 1%.  Trump is in the lead with 81% with Kasich at 15% and Cruz at 5%

In Connecticut, Clinton’s chance of winning is 92% and Sanders has 8%.  Trump has a 91% chance of winning while Kasich has 9% and Cruz is at 1%.

The next and last primaries will be held June 7.


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