Poll Update: 04-15-2016

Poll Update: 04-15-2016

Photo: State of New York, Pixabay


There are only seven months left until the presidential general election.

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich are the remaining Republicans in the race for the White House.

The national polls show Trump leading with 41.7%.  Cruz is coming in second with 28.6% and Kasich is last with 19.1%.

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are the last Democrats battling each other for the lead.

The national polls indicate that the two Democrats are close in the running.

Hillary Clinton is barely in the lead with 49.9% and Bernie Sanders is close behind with 40.9%.

However, these percentages are not final.  The rest of the primaries will cause these numbers to fluctuate.  April 19, the New York Democratic and Republican primaries take place.

Donald Trump is expected to win on the Republican side with 99% while Kasich and Cruz are at less than 1%.

The projected winner on the Democratic side is Hillary Clinton with 99% and Bernie Sanders with 1%.

After the New York primaries, the candidates will be looking toward the Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania primaries on April 26th.


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