Opinion: ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’

Opinion: ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’


Hillary for Prison 2016.

I have four reasons why I cannot vote for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Those reasons include Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Former Navy Seal Glen Doherty, and Former Navy Seal Tyrone Woods.

In the military, we learn that you never leave a man behind and as secretary of state that is exactly what she did.

“What difference does it make?” she said at the Benghazi hearing in 2013.

Madam Secretary, that makes all of the difference. You must lead from the front and take responsibility for your actions.

It is hard to believe that the state department had no idea that there was trouble on the horizon. There are reports that Ambassador Stevens was raped before he was murdered and taken to the hospital to be pronounced dead but the state department has not commented on whether that is true or not.

Fox Nation sat down in an interview with Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat who supervised Clinton when she worked on the Watergate investigation. Zeifman spoke about how he fired Clinton for lying and unethical behavior. He also refused to write her a letter of recommendation.

That is not the first time that Clinton has been caught lying. As first lady, she spoke of having to run for cover from sniper fire when she landed in Bosnia in 1996. However,  a video of that visit shows that she and the other people that she was with were under no sniper fire. She was also seen being greeted by locals as she leaving the aircraft.

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