Could John Kasich be a real GOP contender?

Could John Kasich be a real GOP contender?

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He is someone who gets very little air time. Some, may not even know he is still running for President.

Who am I talking about, you may ask? John Kasich.

But who is John Kasich? Is he a real contender in the presidential race?

So far, Kasich hasn’t even come close to even leading a national poll. He has the fewest amount of delegates than all of his opponents and he hasn’t even won a single state yet.

However, Kasich could still become a true contender for the Republican nomination.

Is it unlikely? It might be, however it’s not impossible for the GOP candidate.

All of Kasich’s competition are all pretty flawed candidates in most people’s eyes. And while the GOP candidates continue to tear one another down in the debates and the media, Kasich, as it appears, is quietly gaining some strength.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll out this week found him overtaking Rubio nationally. Were it not for Rubio, he probably could have won Michigan Tuesday night.

The fact that Kasich has been completely discounted for so long could actually now be working in his favor. It appears that most people believe he seems boring, safe, the classic guy you don’t fall head-over-heels for; but he might be the one you’d be wise to settle for.

And to your traditional Republican voter – or at least the kind who’s completely against Trump with all of his vulgar boasting – boring may actually become a really compelling trait.

Kasich knows that he cannot win enough delegates to avoid a contested convention. However, his plan is now all about focusing and winning the state of Ohio.

Like Trump, Kasich is a big booster of the welfare state, who was lecturing his fellow Republicans about their Christian duty to help the poor.

Like Cruz, he’s a huge social conservative. And like Rubio, he’s a known quantity to party bosses and donors; the establishmentarians increasingly desperate to do something, anything to stop Trump.

Plus, unlike Cruz and Trump, Kasich can argue convincingly, that he can win in November. After all, he is the popular governor of Ohio – a state essential to the GOP’s presidential prospects.

He has even won 26 percent of the black vote in his landslide 2014 re-election victory.

Kasich is not without his liabilities and his quirks. He’s definitely marketed himself as the nice-guy candidate.

He’s also the guy who polls best against Hillary Clinton and he can also make a real pitch to both the pro- and anti-Trump wings of the Republican party. He might also be surging just in time to take the race to Cleveland.

A couple things are certain for the GOP candidate, he is going to have to start making progress soon and only time can tell.

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