Are Super Tuesday Ads Buying Your Vote?

Are Super Tuesday Ads Buying Your Vote?

As Super Tuesday gets closer, where candidates are polling has become more important than ever.

The presidential candidates know that Super Tuesday is a huge night for them and their respective campaigns. This explains the amount of money that some candidates are willing to throw towards ads in order sway people to vote for them.

With Super Tuesday there are 12 states and one territory voting, so it can be a huge night for candidates. The states that are participating are Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont and Virginia. American Samoa will hold a caucus.

The candidates are spending a lot of money to ensure that they promote their campaigns for the big night. Former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is spending 4.1 million dollars on ads in 11 Super Tuesday states, while Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is advertising in just five states with a total of $3.3 million, according to ad-spending data from SMG Delta. The ads should run through Feb. 28.

Clinton and her Super PACs have ads in Alabama ($416,000), Arkansas ($43,000), Colorado ($540,000), Georgia ($295,000), Massachusetts ($543,000), Minnesota ($386,000), Oklahoma ($378,000), Tennessee ($421,000), Texas ($586,000), Vermont ($7,000) and Virginia ($452,000).

While Sanders’ campaign has ads in Colorado ($1.2 million), Massachusetts ($650,000), Minnesota ($680,000), Oklahoma ($690,000) and Texas ($32,000).

On the other side of the race, Republican Marco Rubio and his Super PACs are advertising in eight states at $1.2 million, while Ted Cruz’s campaign is up with $185,000 in five states.

The eight Rubio states are Alabama ($52,000), Arkansas ($74,000), Georgia ($89,000), Oklahoma ($107,000), Tennessee ($150,000), Texas ($631,000), Vermont ($42,000), and Virginia ($91,000).

The five Cruz states are Alabama ($45,000), Arkansas ($12,000), Colorado ($67,000), Oklahoma ($28,000), Tennessee ($33,000).

John Kasich’s Super PACs are spending only $35,000 as he is only advertising in two Super Tuesday states, Massachusetts ($12,000) and Vermont ($23,000).

Donald Trump, the frontrunner on the Republican side has not spent a single penny on Super Tuesday state ads.

Is this money worth it? Will these ads change peoples’ minds? Only time can tell; however, that time will come to an end on March 1.

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