Showdown: Switched Back On

0 January 15, 2017

After a few weeks of much needed vacation, James and Misty are back to discuss the games they played over break and talk about Nintendo’s big Switch Event and their thoughts on the system and its new titles that were announced. Showdown now pos ...


Showdown: Soft Spoken Nintendo Pleas

0 December 8, 2016

Last week supposed to be the penultimate, but we’ve got one more Showdown after this! This week Misty and James talk about the silliness that was The Game Awards this year (including the most metal moment in all of video games history), all the ...


Showdown: Nintendoland, but Real

0 December 1, 2016

THE PENULTIMATE SHOWDOWN OF THE SEMESTER! James and Misty talk about Thanksgiving, why Watch Dogs 2 is a great game you should get, Pokémon stuff, boyband antics in Final Fantasy XV and what they want out of a Nintendo theme park. Showdown posts ever ...


Showdown: Oh My Pokémon Stars!

0 November 21, 2016

This week Showdown is early! James and Misty discuss Pokémon Sun and Moon now that they’re finally here, find out what’s good and what’s not good, also some information about a rumored future Pokémon title, and some questions from t ...


Showdown: Wolf Link IN YOUR TOWN

0 November 9, 2016

This week James and Misty talk about the big Animal Crosing New Leaf update, new Mass Effect Andromeda trailer, this year’s bro shooters, more Pokémon excitement and reasons why it’s valid to buy a strategy guide in the year 2016. Showdow ...


Showdown: Is Sony Dropping the Ball?

0 November 1, 2016

(Originally uploaded on September 14th, 2016) This week James is joined by former Showdown host Albert Hellebuick to talk about Sony going against mods on consoles, Nintendo’s mobile presence, the new Metal Gear game and the newly announced Pok ...

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